10 Ways to Live More Environmentally Friendly

10 Ways to Live More Environmentally Friendly



We could all be doing several little things to live more environmentally friendly today--starting with the products we use.

You have likely heard about global warming, but what does that mean, and what causes it?

Well, our Mother Earth's atmosphere is a variety of gases that help life (animals, plants, and us) grow healthy and strong.

Pollution is not just always something that you can see. It can be tangible, like plastics littering the streets. Pollution is also harmful gases, smoke, and chemicals that create an imbalance in the air.

Creating sustainable products does not automatically mean that it contributes to pollution or climate change.

Vida Bars are proof of that!

Why Eco-Friendliness is Crucial

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle goes beyond helping yourself.

Each person has a responsibility to take care of their environment--for themselves and the collective welfare of others.

An eco-friendly lifestyle and work ethic can positively impact many aspects of life. Some examples include the rate of pollution, the health of future generations, and reserving and preserving our world's limited natural resources.


Live More Environmentally Friendly: The Three Tenets

Have you been trying to live more environmentally friendly but have no clue where to start? The little things add up and can make a big difference -- positively and negatively.

#1: Consuming Things That Cause Minimal Environmental Harm

Consider the materials and things you consume daily--water bottles, shopping bags, paper towels, packaging of items, etc.

Now think of alternative ways you can still consume the same goods but in a way that causes minimal environmental harm.

Here are a few examples:

  • Plastic water bottles → A reusable water bottle
  • Plastic or paper shopping bags → Reusable cloth bags
  • Paper towels → Washable, cloth napkins
  • Packaging of items → Bring canisters to the grocery store and fill them in bulk

#2: Knowing and Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Several areas in our lives will inevitably leave a carbon footprint, such as your dwelling and driving a car to work.

Be more aware of your carbon footprint's weight in this world and look for alternative ways to lessen your imprint.

#3: Supporting Creators of Eco-Friendly Products and Sustainable Communities

We all buy goods, food, soaps, cosmetics, clothing, etc. As a consumer, you hold the power of the purse.

It may take a little research, but you should seek to support creators of eco-friendly products and connect with sustainable communities like us.

10 Ways to Live More Environmentally Friendly

These are ten super simple ways you can start living a more eco-friendly lifestyle today.

Hit the "Off" Switch

If you are not in the room, do you need to leave everything on? The lights? The fan? The television?

Try to hit the "off" switch when you leave a room. The environment and your electric bill will appreciate it.

Eat Less Meat

Meat can be a cultural staple and super tasty, but consuming too much can adversely impact the environment.

Raising more meat means more travel. More travel means more emissions. If you are a heavy meat eater, try eating fewer portions of it a day or even per week.

You will not only help out the environment behind the scenes but your health too.

Create Less Food Waste

Whether it is spoiled produce or tossed-out leftovers, have you inventoried the amount of food you waste in a day, week, or month?

You are not alone. Many people do not think twice about what they toss in the trash. But it could be increasing your local landfill's methane emissions.

Try shopping at your fridge first to see what you already have. After taking stock of what you have already, make your shopping list. You can also buy in bulk and think of creative ways to consume parts of your food you would usually throw away--like beet leaves for salads.

Use Eco-Friendly Tech

Using eco-friendly technology can help reduce harmful waste and promote energy efficiency.

This type of technology involves one or a combination of:

  • Plant-based materials
  • Renewable energy
  • Multi-functionality
  • Low-impact manufacturing

Drive Less

Though driving may be unavoidable for many, driving less is achievable. If each driver reduced theirs by at least 10%, we would see a significant drop in greenhouse gas emissions.

How can you drive less?

Make an effort to list all of your destinations for the day or week and map out the most efficient driving strategy for it.

Make fewer trips by combining your commute with your errands. For example, if you live close enough to the grocery store, walk or bike over and use a cart or dolly to lug your groceries back.

Buy Local

Buying locally is great for the environment and your community too. It helps reduce the carbon footprint of food travel from overseas or long truck distribution.

Plus, goods are likely more accessible, and locally grown foods tend to be more tasty and fresh.


Anyone who eats food can start composting.

Whether you donate your compost to local gardeners and farmers or have plans to grow your produce and plants, reusing organic waste has many benefits.

It enhances the water retention of the soil and can eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers. Click here to learn more about how you can start composting your waste today.

Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products in Your Home

Cleaning products are known to raise a few red flags for your and the environment's health.

The chemical agents can irritate your skin, eyes, and airways and may even pose a few disposal concerns that often get overlooked.

Using more eco-friendly cleaning products in your home can help mitigate their associated health and environmental dangers.

Grow Your Own

Whether you live in an apartment or a house, growing your produce can significantly impact the environment.

Growing your produce has far-reaching and indirect benefits. For instance, growing your produce eliminates the use of plastic shopping bags. Additionally, you may drive less and may even choose to compost!

Cut Out Plastic Use

Not only can we visibly see plastic pollutants and their effects on our wildlife, but plastic production requires a lot of energy consumption, which means more emissions.

Cutting out as much plastic use as possible can help reduce the demand, production, and plastics pollution.

Save the Planet: Become a VidaBabe

Sustainably living is just one of our many passions at Vida Bar. And, you are a total VidaBabe too for wanting to invest in living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Vida means life, and that's exactly what we aim for. We want to give life to your care while giving life to our world by positively impacting us.

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