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organic hair products

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Vida Bars provides salon quality products,
while minimizing the impact on
our environment.


organic hair products


The shampoo bar actually lathered! And a little goes a long way. My scalp feels clean, but not stripped. And it felt moisturized. The conditioner bar was also very moisturizing. I was able to detangle my curls easily, without having to use a ton of the product.



The bars had a heavenly, fresh, lemongrass scent. They are really cool because they omit the need for plastic bottles. I was amazed by how much slip I got from the conditioner, that it rinsed clean, and it left my hair SO soft.



The shampoo bar was super easy to use and get a lather to clean my scalp and hair. Conditioner bars by nature take a little more work, but nothing too troublesome. I was able to get plenty of slip to make detangling a breeze. My scalp feels clean and my hair feels moisturized and soft. 



Love, love, LOVE the smell. It smells real, not artificial or perfumey like you would see in most products.



The shampoo bar was surprising, it smelled of mint and left my scalp clean and hair feeling clean. The conditioner bar had me saying WOW! It easily detangled my hair and left it feeling moisturized.



I love that I can rub the bars directly at the scalp and then work the lather/conditioner throughout my hair. My curls are so happy and I've gained some nice volume at the root. In conclusion, I love this product.



I used my Vida Bars shampoo and conditioner and my hair feels light, clean and silky. If you love high quality hair products, but hate all the waste involved in buying bottled products check out their stuff!

Ingredients With Purpose

organic hair products

Gentle Cleaning

Other products use harsh chemicals to clean. The Vida Bars are free of sulfates and saponification. Wash your hair without stripping your natural oils. 

Simple Conditioning

We use only natural ingredients in our conditioners. Avocado, murumuru (not making that up!) and mango are how we create simple conditioners. 

Natural Fragrance

There are no heavy chemicals used to scent our bars. Essential oils provide the perfect aroma as well as specific properties for your hair needs. 

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Our Story

organic hair products

Vida Bars was born out of need and passion. The need to find products free of harsh chemicals, as well as the passion for positively impacting on our world.

Our founder Ana was on a healthy hair journey, having transitioned to products free of sulfates, silicones, drying alcohols and mineral oils. While her hair was thriving, she was concerned with the effect the plastic bottles lining up her shower were having on our environment. She looked for eco friendly alternatives but was left empty handed. That’s when she made it her personal mission to create an option that would empower her to love herself and the planet.

Vida means life, and that’s exactly what we aim for. We want to give life to your personal care, while giving life to our world by creating a positive impact.

What We Believe In

organic hair products
  • Ethical Sourcing

  • Low Waste

  • Cruelty Free

  • Social Responsibility

  • Made in the U.S.A.

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The Vida Bars

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