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Great news, while we formulated our bars thinking of curly hair, they work just as well for our straight haired friends. Check out our reviews and you will see all hair types represented.

We’ve worked hard for Vida Bars to be vegan friendly. While Growth and Balance conditioners contain honey, all of our other bars are fully vegan.

Yes, just launched this option. Now you can purchase in a set-which includes a shampoo and conditioner or mix & match different bars.

We recommend that our bars be used before a year from purchase. While Vida Bars contain a preservative, ingredients begin to lose their properties. As properties decline, so does efficacy.

We’ve worked hard for Vida Bars to be vegan friendly. While Growth and Balance conditioners contain honey, all of our other bars are fully vegan.

Vida Bars are actual shampoo, just in solid form. If you've had issues with bars before, they were likely saponified oils, so basically soap that were mistakenly called shampoo. Our bars have been tested throughout the US, even by people who have well water and they had great results with no buildup or waxy feel, just clean and conditioned hair.


All of our bars are Curly Girl Method friendly. Not just that, they’re actually formulated for curls. Sulfate free, silicone free and just as important, plastic free. We want healthy hair and a clean planet!

None of our bars contain coconut oil. However, all the shampoos contain surfactants derived from coconut. Most surfactants in any shampoo contain these. The process they go through completely changes their properties and they are nothing like coconut oil.

High porosity hair likely prefers protein, Clarity, Reyna, Growth and Hydrate all contain various proteins. If your hair gets weighed down or oily, Clarity is your best option. For coarse dry curls, go with Hydrate. Blondes will love Reyna. And just about anyone can use Growth.

Low porosity hair tends to do better without proteins. Our protein free options are Balance and Soothe.

We have the clarity bars which are our lightest option and if you are looking for something protein free those would be our balance bars, both are good for easily weighed down hair.

While it's formulated as a rinse out product, we've heard feedback from some VidaBabes who use it as leave in as well. If you do this, let us know your results!

Clarity is the right one for you. If your scalp gets flaky because of an excess of sebum, these bars will help you extend your wash days and stay free of flakes.

Soothe might be your answer! Packed with beneficial ingredients like white willow bark, rhassoul clay, allantoin, and tea tree oil our Soothe bars are likely to provide your dry itchy scalp relief from the first time you use them.

Reyna bars were formulated for extended use. To see best toning results, use them regularly. However if your hair starts to look too purple (or blue), cut back and supplement with any of our other Vida Bars.


While we work out international customs, currently shipping to US & Canada addresses only. Delivery times vary by location. Our current fulfillment time is 3-5 business days.

Currently, Vida Bars only ships to the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and all military bases. However, if you happen to be in Australia, @the_curl_store stocks our products. Sign-up for our email list to be the first to know when we expand!

Our order processing between 3 - 5 business days, we try to get them out the door faster than that. If your order has shipped, you should have an email confirmation with tracking number. Once shipped, we have no control over packages. The only info available to us is the same you’ll find on USPS’ website with the tracking number provided in your email. For delays or lost orders, please contact USPS directly.