The Best Curly Hair Routine

The Best Curly Hair Routine

A curl here, a curl there, your curls are flipping everywhere! Sometimes they're stringy; sometimes they're frizzy; sometimes they look like you freshly stepped out of a salon. While unpredictable, those curls make you who you are. They make you unique and specific. And someone unique and specific needs the best curly hair routine.

Using your mom or bestie's shampoo for straight hair won't do your curls any favors. It will result in a bad hair day, Curlfriends. To maximize your amount of good hair days, you have to know your hair and what it needs. Only then can you piece together the best curly hair routine for you.

Know Your Curls

If you put 10 curly-haired women in a room, all of them would have different hair types and textures. This difference is true even if it's all considered curly or wavy. There's a noticeable difference in the appearance of straight, wavy, curly, and coily hair. But there's also a difference in texture, density, and fragility.

Curly hair is often drier than straight hair, making it more fragile. This fragility means it requires more moisture, less heat, and a customized routine. The goal is for waves and curls to be luscious and bouncy, not weighed down or heavy. This goal is why knowing your curls is key to finding the best curly hair routine.

Some curls can handle intense amounts of moisturizing ingredients, and in fact, some require it. But other waves require less moisture. Lucky for you, Vida Bars products are curly-girl approved.

Vida Bars with oil and other ingredients of the products

Use the Right Products and Methods

Because approved products must be void of ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, and harsh chemicals, Vida Bars is an excellent option for your curls.

If you need help choosing which shampoo and conditioner are best for you, take the Vida Bars hair quiz.

Now you're probably thinking, "Okay, but when I have the right products in hand, what the heck do I do?" Start slowly and be patient. Getting used to a curly routine takes time. Getting your natural curl pattern to a healthy place involves commitment. So, go ahead and click the "add to cart" button on the Vida Bars product you need, and let the fun begin!

Steps for the Best Curly Hair Routine

Once you receive your Vida Bars goodies in the mail, start your new curly hair routine by using a shampoo that includes sulfates to remove silicone and wax buildup. It's only necessary to use this sulfate-filled product when you're beginning this new curly journey or when you accidentally use something with silicone or wax in it.

Then, dive in with your sulfate-free shampoo, and massage your scalp for at least 60 seconds. After rinsing, lather your hair from root to tip with your conditioner bar. It's essential to make sure to coat all pieces of your hair.

Once you've made it this far, you can detangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb. It's best to only detangle during this step specifically. Detangling when dry can tug on your curls too harshly.

When it's time to rinse, feel free to leave some conditioner in your hair for extra moisture. At this point, your in-shower hair routine is complete.

Next, rake and scrunch approved gel or curl cream into your sopping wet hair. Cup and scrunch or plop your hair to remove excess water. It's best to do so with a cotton T-shirt or microfiber towel to decrease frizz.

For your final stretch of the routine, let your hair air dry or use a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment to dry your hair completely. Remember to put the heat setting on low! Less heat is better for curls.

Once you've accomplished a completely dry head, "scrunch out the crunch" with your hands to soften the crunchy feeling gel may have left behind.

Lastly, remain consistent with this routine every time you wet or wash your hair. Speaking of, make sure you don't excessively shampoo your hair. A couple of times a week is all that's necessary. Avoiding hot water is an extra measure you can take as well.

Adding Other Curly Hair Techniques

Once you get the hang of the best curly hair routine for your mane, you can always ramp it up and add some flare!

Using pre-shampoo treatments such as a hair mask or conditioning oil a couple of times a month can soften and prep follicles and the hair shaft. This treatment helps the hair absorb shampoo and conditioner ingredients on a deeper level. Adding in oils or other moisturizing products in between washes is fine too. Curls need all the help they can get!

And, of course, sleeping in a satin bonnet or on a satin pillowcase helps prevent breakage and excess frizz.

If you want to get super fancy with your curly girl routine, get your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks. Regular trimming keeps curls healthy and bouncy. Also, sleep in a protective hairstyle to avoid unnecessary tugging.

Use Vida Bars for Your Best Curly Hair Routine

The absolute most important technique you can practice for your curls is to accept them completely! No matter what stage of the curly journey you're in, your curls are what make you stand out. Allow them to help you feel bold and confident because not everyone is blessed to carry around a head of hair as magical as yours! Plus, we have a feeling that when you embrace your best curly hair routine with Vida Bars, your confidence in your curls will skyrocket.

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