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Two curly children of color playing on brown sofa

Best Shampoo for Kids’ Curly Hair

| If you’re part of the curly girl world, there’s a good chance that you have kiddos in your life who inherited the luscious, bouncy life of curly hair. These beautiful curls probably have left you wondering about the best shampoo for kids’ curly hair.  Think back to your childhood and the state of your…

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Woman wearing colorful bracelets trimming her own curly hair with green scissors

How Can I Revive My Damaged Curly Hair?

| Your hair can suffer from things like hair loss, breakage, scalp irritation, and even a relaxed curl pattern. Your hair’s structure, body, and shape constantly change. The heating tools you use and the products you slather on your scalp can affect your luscious locks’ look and texture. These changes leave you wondering, “How can…

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We are always looking for ways to help our CurlFriends improve their curly hair process, find new ways to be environmentally friendly or just find inspiration.

Solid shampoo and conditioner toning bars

How to Use a Shampoo Bar

| So, you purchased your new shampoo Vida Bars. It…

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Running water faucet with Vida Bars on hand

Ways to Reduce Waste

| There is nothing like the high of returning home…

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A latina female with curly hair is smiling looking to the left

The Best Curly Hair Routine

| A curl here, a curl there, your curls are…

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Two women are smiling at each other drinking lemonade

10 Ways to Live More Environmentally Friendly

| We could all be doing several little things to…

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ingredients for hair products lay flat on a table. A spoon filled with oats next to lavendar and lemongrass

Baobab Oil: Benefits for Hair

| At Vida Bars, we are in constant pursuit of…

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